RACNA – Light Painting feature

Today marks the publication of an article in the Italian Contemporary art magazine ‘RACNA’, featuring my light painting work at Stonehenge. The site seems to hold a special aura for people around the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have private access a couple of times now. You can read the article here: RACNA Article

RACNA Article

Light Painting – Fluro


My aim is to make this blog into a howto of Light Painting. I’ll start with a shot that gets a lot of love from people. Captured over on Hayling Island as the sun was setting.

Take a cold cathode. The kind you’d use to light up a PC case. Power it with batteries. Electrical tape over select areas to taste. Attach it to a dog lead and away you go.


21 seconds, f/13, ISO 160



A big hello!

Hello there world. Welcome to the new and improved home of my Light Art. Please feel free to get in contact, either via email or through social media with any questions you might have regarding Light Painting. I’ll do my best to help you out with any tips and tricks…yep, that’s me.